Hello! I am Christina.

As a teacher of natural horsemanship and riding, I´ll support you in finding joy and happiness with horses, while fulfilling your dreams. At the centre of my work is to teach you how to find a connection with horses. It is my belief, that happy horses make happy riders and that the natural beauty in horse riding is the feeling, when your horse gives you the correct answers, not because you make it to, but because it wants to give them to you. That´s when the real magic starts.

Quinta Lusitânia…

…is my soul project and beautiful home in the heart of Portugal. It is, where I live with my horses, cats and dog. It was my vision to create a small paradise for animal lovers. A place, where horses and humans can live and grow in peace and harmony...

... is, where I offer Week-Long Clinics, tailor-made Horse Riding Holidays and Workshops about natural horsemanship, riding and liberty training.

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“Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.” - Bruce Lee

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